Melbourne Restaurants


Where to Eat in Melbourne?

Melbourne offers an endless array of flavours and an amazing assortment of cuisines at a range of cafés, bars, bistros, and fine dining establishments. To get started in finding a nice place to eat, try out one of these main restaurant areas in the city.

Brunswick street
Located in the CBD’s neighbouring suburb of Fitzroy is the relaxed cafe-style vibe that is Brunswick Street. This trendy, upmarket area offers a Mediterranean style cafe life, and most dining tastes are catered for. It is a great place to sit, dine and watch the world go by. Brunwick Street, Fitzroy.

Chapel Street
Melbourne’s trendiest street to dine in is Chapel Street. A myriad of restaurants and cafes are available to choose from over this two kilometre strip. Outdoor dining is popular, and the cuisine will suit all tastes. Chapel Street. Prahran.

In the heart of the CBD, taking up the bulk of three blocks—with the main hub being Little Bourke Street—is the Chinese heart of Melbourne. Most Asian styles of dining are featured in the many restaurants, with the bulk of the dining being Chinese fare. Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Lygon Street
Affectionately known as Little Italy, this street boasts the largest selection of Italian restaurants and cafes in Australia. The energy and Italian ambience of this street is quite amazing. There is an el fresco feel and eateries that go on forever. Lygon Street, Carlton.

With over fifty dining experiences in the one strip, Southbank is the place to be at dinnertime in Melbourne. Most of the restaurants have views of the Yarra, outdoor dining, and a diverse range of cuisines to suit all tastes. Southbank, Melbourne.

On the banks of the Yarra, adjacent to the Southbank precinct, is Southgate. It is home to many of Melbourne’s top restaurants, and houses a popular licensed food court. Southgate Avenue, Southbank.

Melbourne Cuisines

As you would expect, with it being the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne offers pretty much any sort of food you can think of! There are plenty of well hidden, trendy eating venues right in the centre of the city, and they rarely disappoint. Melbourne has a very European feel to it and, being such a cultural city with a very trendy vibe, you can’t get far without stumbling upon a lovely little coffee shop that will delight.

Different areas of the city are dedicated to certain types of food. For example, you will find Italian in Carlton, a lot of Chinese food in the city centre, and a lot of modern, upmarket Australian food in South Yarra.

Browse Melbourne restaurants below by types of cuisine.


American Restaurants

142 Greville Street, Prahran (03 9521 3155)
A noticeable feature is the bar, which is very well stocked. The Kitchen uses fresh Australian ingredients but the food is flavoured to a US style.


Australian Restaurants

Charcoal Lane
136 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (03 9418 3400)
A bit different in that it is owned by Mission Australia. It specialises in training Aboriginal youngsters and makes full use of all native produce.

Crown Metropol, Southbank (03 9292 8300)
We put it in the Australian section, but it is a bit of mix. This restaurant is well known as being owned by Gordon Ramsay and seems to be gaining a good reputation.

Taxi Dining Room
Level 1, Transport Hotel, Federation Square (03 9660 9911)

268 on Toorak
268 Toorak Road, Melbourne (03 8256 1636)

Jimmy Watson’s Wine Bar Restaurant
333 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne

205 Collins Street, Melbourne (03 9635 2200)


Brazilian Restaurants

BlueFire Churrascaria Grill
18, 427 Docklands Dive (03 9670 8008)

Rio’s Brazilian Restaurant
316 Church Road, Richmond (03 9428 9787)


British Restaurants

The Middle Park Hotel
102 Canterbury Road, Middle Park (03 9690 1958)
A true pub in Melbourne with the wood panels, rich carpet, and traditional English dishes.


Chinese Restaurants

One big advantage of Melbourne is the large number of immigrants from around the world. There is a thriving Chinese community, which means there many excellent authentic Chinese restaurants around town.

Bamboo House
47 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne (03 9662 1565)
A formal Chinese restaurant with good service.

Flower Drum
17 Market Lane, Melbourne (03 9662 3655)
An upmarket Chinese restaurant where we recommend you check out the specials, as they vary each day and often show the best that this Melbourne Chinese restaurant can produce.

Bok Choy Brighton
300 New Street, Brighton (03 9592 0253)

East Imperial
323 Rathdowne Street, Carlton (03 9347 3322)

Yum Cha Dragon
14, 427 Docklands (03 9329 6868)

Red Emperor Chinese Restaurant
Level 3, Southgate Complex, Southbank (03 9699 4170)


Contemporary Restaurants

Level 3, Crown Towers, Southbank (03 9292 6896)
Views over the Yarra river and plenty of fresh contemporary dishes.

Arintiji Cafe Bar
Federation Square (03 9663 9900)

Bluestone Restaurant Bar
349 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (03 9620 4060)

Rockpool Bar & Grill
Crown Complex, Southbank (03 8648 1900)


Fine Dining Restaurants

Level 1, Transport Hotel, Federation Square (03 9654 8808)
One of the top restaurants in Melbourne, with a somewhat misleading name! A mix of European and Japanese dining, it offers great views from large open windows that look out over the city of Melbourne.

187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (03 9639 6811)
A Melbourne institution where you can be certain everything will go well. This is a very safe restaurant to impress with, and offers a mix of European and Asian dishes that always surprise and leave you craving more.

Flower Drum
17 Market Lane, Melbourne (03 9662 3655)
Fine dining Chinese.

Grossi Florentino
80 Bourke Street, Melbourne (03 9662 1811)
In a city with many Italian restaurants, this one has to be one of the best.

Il Bacaro
168 Little Collins Street, Melbourne (03 9654 6778)

6 Russell Place, Melbourne (03 9639 7822)


French Restaurants

Paris GO
116 Rathdowne Street, Carlton (03 9347 7507)
French style bistro with white tablecloths that flavours up the regular menu with many daily specials and has a strong regular following.

Bistro Thierry
511 Malvern Road, Toorak (03 9824 0888)
Very French in style and dishes.

Bistro Vue
430 Little Collins Street, Melbourne (03 9691 3838)
Upmarket French Bistro.

The French Brasserie
2 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne (03 9662 1632)

312 Drummond Street, Carlton (03 9347 3312)

The Point
Aquatic Drive, Albert Park Lake, Albert Park (03 9682 5566)


Greek Restaurants

Hellenic Republic
434 Lygon Street, Brunswick Eas (03 9381 1222)
A modern Greek tavern feel with good traditional Greek dishes.

62 New Quay, Promenade, Melbourne (03 9606 0008)

Dion Greek Restaurant
207 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (03 9650 4050)

Alpha Ouzeri
342 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (03 9078 0582)

141 Flinders Lane (03 9650 8830)

Pireaus Blues
310 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (03 9417 0222)

The Press Club
72 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (03 9677 9677)


Indian Restaurants

629 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn (03 9818 5120)
Not just Indian food, but covers the whole sub continent. This restaurant has also been serving dishes from Sri Lanka for many years.

Bhoj Docklands
54 New Quay Promenade, Docklands, (03 9600 0884)

Bismi’s Gold an Fork
380 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, (03 9654 4060)


Italian Restaurants

A lively and large Italian community has settled in Melbourne, opening many great Italian restaurants. Many of them can be found on Lygon Street, which is often called “Little Italy”.

Grossi Florentino
80 Bourke Street, Melbourne (03 9662 1811)
Split into two parts, with the top floor fine dining and the downstairs a bistro style operation, this one of the best known Melbourne Italian restaurant

454 St Kilda Road, Melbourne (03 9867 4466)
Easy to find with the large windows at the foot of the landmark Balencea apartments. Portions are noted for their size.

74 Bourke Street, Melbourne (03 9654 2252)
Up market Italian dining.

15, 427 Docklands Drive, Docklands, Melbourne (03 9326 6636)

11-25 Crossley Street, Melbourne (03 9663 3000)
Has won many awards, so it is worth a try.

27 Coventry Street, Southbank (03 9690 6688)
Strong local crowd with friendly service.

445 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, (03 9670 5347)

Cafe Di Stasio
31 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, (03 9525 3999)

Cafe Italia

55 University Street, Carlton, Melbourne (03 9347 0638)


Japanese Restaurants

1193 High Street, Armadale (03 9822 9571)
A well established Japanese restaurant.

Chocolate Buddha
Federation Square, Melbourne, (03 9654 5688)

Flinders Lane, Melbourne, (03 9620 1881)

187 King Street, Melbourne, (03 9670 1167)

Level 3, Crown Towers, Southbank, Melbourne, (03 9292 6886)


Malaysian Restaurants

Blue Chillies
182 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (03 9417 0071)
Extensive menu that gives a lot of chances to experiment.


Mediterranean Restaurants

30 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda (03 9525 5555)
One we had to include that is not in the city centre but on the beachside. It is a very strong favourite for many and is the place to escape to and recharge at. Excellent fish dishes, desserts, and everything else that makes you want to return. Take your time and enjoy the views over the ocean.

Arcadia Gastronmique
152 Union Road, Ascot Vale (03 9375 2751)
Set out as a traditional French Bistro.

Brisc Tavern
364 Victoria Street, North Melbourne (03 9329 6652)


Mexican Restaurants

11 Collins Street, Melbourne (03 9650 3821)
Very popular and busy, and there is a reason why. Just great Mexican dining.


Middle Eastern Restaurants

109 Elgin Street (03 9347 0006)
A well established Melbourne restaurant serving traditional Lebanese food in comfortable surroundings.

3 Carre Street (03 9523 1108)
A rich Middle Eastern feel with a good, traditional Middle Eastern menu.

21 Bond Street, Melbourne (03 9629 5900)

Mecca Bah
55a New Quay Promenade, Docklands (03 9642 1300)

Lower Plaza Level, 123 Collins Street, Melbourne (03 9650 0660)


Seafood Restaurants

Albert Park Hotel Oyster Bar and Grill
83 Dundas Place, Albert Park (03 9690 5459)
A lively modern feel with a good reputation.

162 Elgin Street, Carlton (03 9347 9838)

Fish Seafood Grill
9-12, 439 Docklands Drive, Melbourne (03 9640 0686)

55B New Quay prom, Docklands (03 9642 1500)

162 Elgin Street, Carlton, Melbourne (03 9347 9838)


Spanish Restaurants

197 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (03 9415 6101)
A small tapas bar with a good wine selection.

Bar Lourinha
37 Little Collins Street, Melbourne (03 9663 7890)
An informal place with good wine that is great for trying out interesting Spanish dishes.

Hairy Canary
212 Little Collins Street, Melbourne (03 9654 2471)

MoVida Bar
1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne (03 9663 3038)
Good for tapas and well known to locals.


Steak Restaurants

Rare Steakhouse
42 King Street, Melbourne (03 9620 9888)
For those that like a good steak and red wine.


Thai Restaurants

Charm Thai Restaurant
173 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park (03 9686 8868)
Wine is not always the strength at Thai restaurants, but this one features a good wine list

Level 1 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne (03 9663 7660)

50 Park Street, South Melbourne (03 9690 3688)

176 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne (03 9662 2244)


Vegetarian Restaurants

201 – 203 Faraday Street, Carlton (03 9347 3848)
A large and reliable Melbourne Vegetarian restaurant. Some of the meals here include Green Salad, Satay Shakahari, and Avocado Magic.

Enlightened Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant
113 Queensbridge Street, Southbank (03) 9686 9188.

Gopals vegetarian restaurant
1st Floor, 139 Swanston Street, Melbourne (03) 9650-1578.

Crossways Vegetarian Restaurant
1st Floor, 123 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Lentil as Anything
In St Kilda at 41 Blessington St, (0414 959 307) . 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford,  (03) 9419 6444.  233 Barkly Street, Footscray, (0424 081 652).

Vegi Bar
380 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (03) 9417 6935.


For something a little different….

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant
For a truly unique dining experience try out the World’s first travelling tramcar restaurants. Enjoy fine food and drink as you take in the elegant sites of Melbourne. These historic, renovated tramcars offer lunch and dinner tours of up to five courses and up to three hours in duration. Departs from Normandy Road, South Melbourne.

Rivers Restaurant Cruises
Dine on the Yarra with a River Restaurant Cruise. Weekend dinner cruises are available. They feature a three course meal plus entertainment. As well as fine dining, there are over three hours of unforgettable scenery along Melbourne’s popular Yarra River. Departs Boatman’s Landing, Docklands.